Mystery of G4S and its prison stranglehold

By: Ruth Hopkins / ZA

This article was first published on / 07-01-2021

The company controversially continues to bag huge contracts despite dramas and scandals in the correctional facilities it runs in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

The British multinational security services provider G4S is one of the best-kept secrets in South Africa. It is one of the country’s biggest private employers with about 15 000 people on its payroll, running a prison and providing cash-in-transit as well as banking, ATM and cash-processing services. 

G4S is also the world’s biggest private security services contractor. It runs operations in about 90 countries and employs at least 570 000 people worldwide. In 2019, it delivered revenue worth £7.7 billion (about R155 billion). G4S runs prisons in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa under its so-called care and justice services

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