About PSN

Privatesecurity.network is an online platform devoted to journalistic investigations into the private security industry. Investigative journalists from all over the world are members of the Private Security Network. The network will monitor and investigate this industry and will share factual content on this website. 

There is very little transparency in the private security sector. Questions often remain unanswered because the contracts are withheld on the grounds of commercial confidentiality.

This lack of information means it is hard if not impossible to speak truth to powerful private security multinationals. In an age where political leaders seem obsessed with austerity measures, it should come as no surprise that they will not hold these companies accountable. What is it that we, the people, can do? How do we want to organise the punishment of people who have transgressed certain norms in society? How do we want to treat migrants who arrive on our shores? Should private companies derive a profit off war and conflicts? Should governments award profitable contracts to multinational enterprises that are mostly focused on their share price and who prioritise profit over the wellbeing of those in their care’’.

We hope this network will lead to a discussion of these ethical and moral issues and that it will energize people to think and to speak out.


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